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  • The Board of Directors meet on the third Thursday of each month.

  • Being a member of the Board is great way to learn more about how the community operates and get involved. 

  • The Tidewater Emmaus Community is always looking for qualified candidates willing to serve on the Tidewater Emmaus Board of Director's.

    • Qualifications for serving can be found in Tidewater Emmaus By-Laws, Article VI - Board of Directors.

  • Board Nomination Applications must be completed and given to a board member or post marked on or before November 10th.

2024 Board of Directors             

​Head Spiritual Director

Merlin Miller (Acting)

Asst. Spiritual Director

Merlin Miller,

Community Lay Director

Suzanne Davenport,

Agape Director

Meiche Poe,

Communications Director

Ron Davenport,

Continuity Director

Jen Lio,

Finance Director

Tina Ridgeway,

Gatherings Director

Mary Trosien,

Music Director

David Price,

Music Assistant Director

Eoin McMonigle,

Outreach Director

Joe Hennessy,

Records Director

Marybeth Grambo,

Sponsorship Director

Greg Moyer,

Team Selection Director

Abby Dalton,

Weekends Director

Damon Camper,

Chrysalis CLD

Jacob Litzenberg,

Stormie Henley

Prayer Request


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