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The board takes seriously its responsibility to be the instrument of the Holy Spirit in selecting the pilgrims and teams for Emmaus walks.  The following directions address how the board gives consideration for those applying to sponsor or team.

No application will be considered, during the team selection process, without the appropriate registration fee or acceptable alternative.

  • Acceptable alternative is normally the use of the Bill and Doris Baker Fund to cover a portion of the registration fee.  It may also be appropriate that another alternative could be a payment plan clearly designated and approved by the Finance Director.

The responsibility of applying for Bill and Doris Baker fund assistance is solely on the sponsor/teamer requiring the assistance.  Use of this fund must be done in a timely manner, meeting the set time limits of the team selection process.

  • If a payment plan is agreed to, it is the responsibility of the sponsor/teamer to meet that plan or to immediately bring to the attention of the Finance Director when they cannot.

The Finance Director will use grace and understanding in every circumstance.  However, they are not responsible for any individual applicant not meeting these requirements.

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